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Lunartik & Chums | Art Pass Series One.

November 2, 2010  |  Art Pass™

Introducing a new line of products from Lunartik!
Yes, Matt JOnes has teamed up with some great artists to bring you exciting new products under the banner of Lunartik & Chums.

The first product is a simple but effective Travel Card Holder called an Art Pass.
“Don’t you just hate promoting random companies when you’re scanning your Oyster card on London Transport? Well those days are well & truly over with this great selection of top notch art from renowned artists.”

Artist Series one, features work from…
Pete Fowler | Ian Stevenson | Sichi | Phil Corbett | Triclops | Toaster | un-plugged

Check out the Art Passes in the Lunartik Store

10 Designs to collect.

They come sealed in a protective sleeve, and once popped out they are ready to use.

They hold all kinds of cards from Oysters to Credit!

Series One Chums
Pete Fowler
Ian Stevenson
Phil Corbett
The Toaster

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