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Tobys Tattoo – Part 1 Outlines & Shade.

July 13, 2011  |  Art Work

A few months ago a good friend of mine called Toby who lives in my home town of Leamington Spa (UK) asked me to design him a lovely Lunartik Tattoo… so i did :)

Here’s the original sketch, classic box head shapes, with a few cute tea sprites and a vortex of tea going into the center of the image.

Now most people when they plan to get a Tattoo done normally go to the local Tattoo studio, but not us, oh no we have to be different. We invited one of London’s finest artists to come over to help make this possible.
Andras who normally works for Haunted Tattoos, a Studio based in holloway road, but this time he made the special trip over to Berlin just for us.

Sooo… about that Tattoo.

Toby’s looking calm as a cucumber!

Then we transformed my studio into a Tattoo parlor, I acted Andras’s assistant.

Once the line art was applied, Andras got to work. He’s got a steady hand i can tell you.

Lucky Toby showed no signs of pain, it was a 6 hour session!

Line art completed, and looking good!

Time for some deep shading… awating colour and whites to be applied in stage 2.

This was a great first hand experience for all of us; we’re all looking forward to Part Two next week … Colour & More Pain! GREAT :)

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