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Good News Update

October 8, 2011  |  Good News

Here’s some good news that I’ve cobbled together this month…

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea
The First Special Brew will be released on the 10th October 2011!
There’s only a handful left in stock. No Images will be shown :)

ICONS Exhibition
My custom Be@rbrick 1000% is near completion now, just a few last touches now to do. Look forward to seeing my finished piece at the ICONS Group Show up in Leeds Friday 28th October at the FullCircle Gallery.

Sneaky Raccoons Everywhere!!
My good friend ‘Anna Mullin AKA Sneaky Raccoon’ asked me to be part of her spooky custom group show which will be held at the amazing KidRobot store in London. It’s promised to be a good one, so make sure you get yourself along to this one, I may be making it over, keep you posted! Here’s the flyer – Click here

The Tea Trade Off
This is a bit of fun for everyone who likes making Tea Customs! We’re looking for 30 artists to all customise a Cuppa Tea, and then they will be distributed among the 30 as a Secret Santa type affair. More details – Click here / Please PM Gordon Fitzgerald on facebook if you want to enter, not me please ta!.

All good news must come to an end, but in the pipe line are some very long eared things going on. Keep you posted :) Cheers, JOnes

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