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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011  |  Good News

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry, Messy Christmas and I hope you all get Super Drunk and have a very good time!

I would like to thank the people who made it super fun for me this year including…
All the Artists who participated on the Mini Tea Tour, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Saatchi & Saatchi, Play Lounge, DKE Toys, The Sixxa Store, Artoyz, Highland Toys, 1UP2P, SHO Gallery, Forbidden Planet, Ebalta, Super Sculpey, Ubisoft, Synthesis Design, Pictoplasma, Fat Buddha Store, Loop Beyond, Caitlin Ashford, The Dudes Factory, All Artists who produced lovely artwork for the Art Pass Series, The Fans of Tea and Everyone who follows me on Twitter and on Facebook, not forgetting all the Blogs and Websites that feature Lunartik!

Others I would like thank are:
My super cool studio partner Niels De Jong for keeping me active/sane and beating me at table Tennis everyday. My darling girlfriend for being so supportive, letting me stay up and work so hard. My family members especially my Dad as he’s been sending out your lovely orders this year from the UK. All my old mates in the UK, including folks in Leamington Spa, Chelmsford, Brighton, Bath and the rest! you know who you are :)

I wish you all have a good productive start to 2012 and a very happy new year!

Matt JOnes

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