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Rabbids ‘Eeerz’ Custom Vinyl Invasion Tour 2

January 24, 2012  |  Exhibitions

My second custom piece will be on display at the event “Lapin dans une Tasse de Thé
A mix of Rabbid & Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, the French impressionist artist!

Eeerz, EXHIBITION by The Rabbids Created by Ubisoft.
The next leg of the Eeerz Invasion Tour will be held at Artoyz – Paris. Featuring the works of thirty world artists, including Bunka, Craiion (David Monteiro), Cuyp, Caitlin Ashford, Sichi, Fakir, Pete Fowler, Emilio Garcia, Lunartik, Skwak, Okkle, Phil Corbett, A little Stranger and many others.

Exhibition Details:
Opening Thursday, January 26th till February 25th 2012. Click here to visit Artoyz

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