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Good News Friday – 8th June

June 8, 2012  |  Good News

Mini Tea Series 2:
As another week passes, Mini Tea Series 2 is getting closer and closer to being released!
The ETA is now August 2012.

The Art Hustle S3:
I’ve been included in Art Hustle Series 3 so here’s a short preview of my Art cards featuring “Quite New”.

Live Wall Art in Amsterdam:
I was over in Amsterdam recently with my studio partner Niels to see “Tenacious D” live in concert … Just to tell you that it was a-maze-ing and we spilt our rocket sauce all over the place and While we were there we ended up doing some freestyle live painting, which included painting a wall, and a back door and a company scooter… I should mention it was very late and dark and we were slightly drunk when we did the scooter ;)

Big Licker Resin Release:
Release date will be the Wednesday 27th June 2012. The Price is TBC. The edition will be split into two waves of 30. The first wave will be the classic, red black white and grey colour scheme.

Acid Etching Discount Code:
For my last project I worked closely with the guys over at 4D Models who are the people who produced my lovely acid etched plaques which I used for the “Art of Tea” pieces.
To get a 10% discount on the Acid Etching Service, use this code when ordering from 4D: LUNARTIK
Only valid until the end of August 2012. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.
Website Link: Click Here

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