Lick of Death Mini 10-Doh!

July 10, 2012  |  Good News

The Lick of Death – Mini 10-Doh! figure, featuring “The Big Licker”

Nate Mitchell from Squid Kids Ink has invited me to be in the line up among 11 other artists for the first blind box series – featuring 3.5″ Mini 10-Doh figures! Other artists include; Andrew Wilson / Doktor A / Jerome Lu / Jesse Hernandez / Kwestone / Luke Chueh / Matt JOnes / Nakanari / Nate Mitchell / Scott Tolleson / Tracy Tubera and Frank Kozik.

These are set to debut at SDCC 2012 at the Squid Kids Ink booth #5137.
Lunartik AP’s versions will be available soon after the launch.

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