Alien Titans x Lunartik Announcement!

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The Nostromo Collection.

Titan Merchandise x Lunartik have teamed up with 20th Century Fox to produce the entire crew of the USS Nostromo from the Alien films, and of course their “stowaway” in a 12 piece collection, and in a touch of dark humor, their Xenomorph has been nick-named “Big Chap”.

The collection includes Ash, Kane, Ellen Ripley, and the various stages of the evolutionary process for their Alien, all available in 3″ blind box format with 4 “hidden chase” figures as well. Their evolving Alien versions have the charming names “Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster, and adult Alien”.

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Announcing Breaking Bad TITANS x LUNARTIK

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From Sony and Titan Merchandise, comes The Heisenberg Collection, celebrating the hit series Breaking Bad!

This 12 piece set features mild mannered chemistry teacher Walter White as well as his murderous, drug dealing alter-ego Heisenberg, his naïve partner in crime Jesse Pinkman and a whole barrel full of friends and foes, including The Crystal Ship itself – The RV!

Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character specific accessory.
PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect!

As ever this range is designed by Matt JOnes.

Artist Proofs will be available from my shop at the time of the release (December 2014) in Lunartiks Art Shop

Announcing “Dragon Age” Titan Figures!

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A Limited run of 300 sets of Super Infused Mini-Teas will be released at TOYCON UK.
Available at the Lunartik’s Booth #20 at TOYCON UK, and online over at the
Lunartik Shop

Unfortunately Matt can’t make it over to the UK this year due to injury. But the Lunartik booth will be there in full force. Read Matt’s new interview over on the TOYCON UK website.