Doctor Who TITANS – Rebel Time Lords!

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Doctor Who - Rebel Time Lord Wave

I’ve designed another series of Doctor Who to add to your collections :)

Rebel Time Lord wave
Artist Proofs will be available DATE TBC.

Plastik Surgery Workshop & Website

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Plastik Surgery Website

The Plastik Surgery website is now up, and we have 2 fun Workshops waiting for you!
Check it out www.Plastik-Surgery.com

A “Cup of Joy”… How Splendid!

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The “Cup of Joy”
A Special Brew Lunartik Mini-Tea in collaboration with the most splendid chap rapper
Professor Elemental.

The design is based on iconic cuppa and features the Prof himself. This 2.5″ mini figure comes with hand cast resin smokin’ pipe. Limited run of 240, each one is signed by both Matt and Professor Elemental!

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TITANS Vinyl Figures “Artist Proofs” are here!

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TITANS Vinyl Figures, designed by Matt Jones – Artist Proof versions now available from the Artshop – Click Here