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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions about my work. Here’s are some answers which will help you out.

How did you come up with the name Lunartik?
In 2001, I had a vision of being a self employed freelance artist, so I needed to come up with a name that was strong and reflect my personality. At the time I was going a little bit crazy so I came up with the name Lunartik, like a missed spelt madman. It’s pronounced like so… “Lunar” like the moon and “Tik” like a Tik the small insect variety. Put the two together and hey presto… Lunartik. Pronounced the same as Lunatic but spelt differently. And notice the “ART” reference in the middle of the word LunARTik.

Why do you have a capital ‘O’ in JOnes?
It was a way of distinguishing my name from one of the most common names in the UK, JOnes and Matt. It’s also due to the fact I used to keep the caps lock down too long on the keyboard.

How did you get into the world of designer vinyl?
It all started way back in 2004, when I met UK artist Phil Corbett and was introduced to toy giants TOY2R. I won the Design-a-Qee competition with QT Qee and my love of vinyl began from there. It was a long road to make the jump into my own vinyl creations but it was well worth the effort.

Where can I find out more about you?
Take a look here…
Chew Magazine – Page 76 Read the interview
Urban Vinyl Daily – Read the interview
Forces of Geek – Read the interview
Vinly Abuse – Read the interview

Who has been your hero throughout? – Asked by Graham Powell
My other dad, he’s been a supportive rock.

What is “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea”?
Lunartik is a little guy sitting happily in a cup of tea. In the UK, the Brits love there tea. My whole life has been fuelled by drinking vast quantizes of the stuff. I’ve always been fascinated by Tea. If there’s a problem in my life, it can normally be resolved by drinking a lovely cup of English Tea.

Will you be making more designer toys?
I will be working super hard to make this happen, Its just a matter of time.

What paints do I use and prefer?
I normally go for Posca Pens, Lucky for me I have a stock that will last me to the end of time. I normally paint with acrylics and I’m quite partial to ‘Studio Lascaux’ It’s a really nice paint and goes on flat as a pancake a bit like the posca pens. Also good to use a brush and my fingers once in a while.

Do you take on art commissions?
Yes and no, I do if I have the time, normally I’m busy overseeing production and working on projects and exhibition pieces. The best thing to do is e-mail me direct and we can discuss possibilities, time frames and prices. Contact

Plastik Surgery Questions

- Here’s a link to the “Resin Casting Tips” page: Click Here

Will there be any more Plastik Surgery Workshops? – Asked by Lilo
If you want to drop me an e-mail expressing your interest and where you live, I will see what I can arrange.

I have some problems finding the materials I need, can you help? – Asked by Niels
The resin I use come from a company called Ebalta in Germany but you can find them in the UK to. Also a place called Notcutt Limited in the UK as they also supply good silicone rubber and resins you will need. If your looking for modeling material, I use Super Sculpey clay, this can be picked up at any good artshop world wide.

Can you help with my resin casting please via skype? - Asked by Paul Roberts
Paul asked me this via e-mail, I got back to him and we arranged a skype chat.
Check out his final creations ready for painting!

I got this nice recommendation from Paul.

    Last week I had a very informative meeting over the world wide web with Matt Lunartik Jones. He showed me how to make casts of some heads that I have made as a little street art project, from the making of the rubber moulds, right through to casting with resin. I have never used Skype before and I don’t think the lesson could’ve been any better than it was, even if Matt was sitting right in front of me! This way I could have an awesome lesson off a really talented guy without having to even leave the comfort of my own home! Matt made it so easy, giving clear instructions on how to do even the slightest thing every step of the way, holding moulds and casts up to the camera for him to inspect and tell me whether to go for it or not. I would highly recommend any sort of learning experience this way especially casting with Lunartik himself! I thoroughly enjoyed learning this new way of working and have become slightly obsessed with making my casts.

Mini Tea Questions

Will there be a series 2 of the mini teas? – Asked by Sass
I’m working on them now and they will be released in 2012.

The custom Tea Tour, will they eventually be for sale or auction? – Asked by Cat
Yes this has yet to be decided, I will be sending out a news letter regarding this before Christmas 2011.

What exactly does a Lunartik look like when it’s completely out of it’s cuppa? – Asked by fadeworks
This is the all time mystery! Here’s a nice set of images by Fadeworks.

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