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Welcome to the world of “Plastik Surgery”

Resin Casting – A Beginners Guide.

Matt JOnes – Master Surgeon – Medical History:
I started off my career in Product Design back in 1994 and I have about 10 years experience working with making Resin Cast components. Just so you know… I’ve been formally trained by some of the best teachers/designers in the product design industry and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.

Master Model Making:
Before you start Resin Casting, you will need to have a design in mind for what you would like to cast. Once you have a design then you can start making the Master Model, this will be the one you cast off from. I use all sorts of materials to make master models from, but Super Sculpey is very good for this process. The tip here is, if you don’t want to have any unwanted marks in what you create, then it’s time to get busy with the wet and dry sanding paper and get buffing!

Here’s a tutorial for Master Model Making SHARK MAKING PDF from Computer Arts Magazine : Making Master Models

Why Resin Casting?
Resin casting may seem like an old school way of making stuff, but it’s a great way of making prototypes and it’s cheaper than mass manufacturing in China. It’s also a lot of fun and totally hands on. So if you like making things and having that “personal touch look” about your work then resin casting is definitely for you.

Trainee Surgeons:
If you would like to be a Trainee Surgeon, and learn the art of Resin Casting, then take some free advice from me about getting up to speed with this process. Firstly download my Casting Guide: Resin Casting Guide – Buy Here

Safety is High Priority:
“We all love the smell of Petrol!” That’s my version of a safety talk.
Please take all the precautions you can when working with harmful substances! Read the instructions first.

- Make sure your room is very well ventilated, Windows open! Resin/silicon’s can be harmful if used for a prolonged period of time!
- Always close the lid on the cans. It keeps the resin/silicon from getting contaminated with moisture in the air.
- Make sure you wear Nitrol Gloves, which are better than normal silicon gloves, they’re normally blue in colour.
- Get yourself a safety mask from 3M.
- Make your self a ventilation tent, here is my MK.1. attempt, I will make MK.2. this year and update this page.

Casting Materials:
For casting you will need to visit the specialists so go to www.notcutt.co.uk who are based in the UK.
They have all you need to get going. Please call them for materials and mention that Matt JOnes from Lunartik sent you over.

Here’s my personal choice for materials…
Air Dry Resin: Polycast 200
Air Dry Silicon Rubber: Silastic 3495 + Fast curing hardener.

Both are quick drying… the Resin sets in under 5 minutes and silicon in under 5 hours if you get a fast hardener to go with it.
There are lots of types of Resin to choose from, so you can shop around if you don’t like my choices.

Casting Suggestions:
- I suggest you start off small for your first cast as this will build up your confidence and skill levels.
- Starting small will also offer you the benefits of making more pieces with the material you buy.
- There’s casting tips and tricks inside my Resin Casting Guide

Good Luck:
I hope you have found this page useful. I wish you good luck and happy casting!
Matt JOnes

# # #

Qualified Plastik Surgeon:
Here’s one of my trainee surgeons I’m particularly proud of…
Joseph Stephen Taylor made some brave moves making his first ever resin pieces. Check this out!

“I contacted Matt about helping me with learning the resin cast process. I live in England so we couldn’t do this in person. So he suggested a tutorial over Skype via a video link. Firstly we had a meeting over the internet to talk about the master model and he suggested ways to finish the model off to get it smooth. Matt also directed me in the right direction in purchasing the silicon and resins because I had no clue. Once I had the materials we had another Skype meeting where he talked me through making the moulds. Once the moulds were made we had a final video link to talk me through casting with the resin. Having someone there to guide me through the whole process was brilliant because I didn’t have to second guess anything, all the answers to my questions were right there through my computer screen. This guidance led to a great success rate from the resin casting that I would not have had without Matt’s help.
I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn this process.”

Joseph Stephen Taylorwww.lumberjackjoe.com

Skype Training Sessions:
If you would like to be trained by Matt or have any other questions, please email matt@lunartik.com
More information will be added to this page shortly.