I really enjoy the challange of making custom pieces for collectors and exhibitions. I find a lot of my work involves sitting down working at my bench with sandpaper in one hand and a scalpel in the other.
Most of my pieces are small, but they still take many hours to complete.

Post-it Thoughts 1000% Be@rbrick.

Toykio-Tea – commissioned for the Toykio Gallery.

Daily Sketch Teas – Thoughts on a series of mini tea toys.

Spectrum Cups.

Custom Painted Mini Teas.

Big EeeerZ Licker Rabbid!

Lapin dans une Tasse de Thé

Mew-oodles inspired by Japan animation.

Pumpkin Tea – 31 Custom Halloween specials.

Plastik Surgery – Sad Happy Nipples.

The Freak Machine – Knuckles Bear.

Hop Hop – Knuckles Bear.

Tiny Tea friends.

Snow Mountain Tea.

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